Terracotta floor producers

The most important info about Dryland is this one: we are manufacturers of handmade terracotta floors, we are Italian craftsmen working this product from years.
Our extremely valuable clays are derived from the quarry of our property, whose material is older than 3.5 million years: thanks to this unique material we can produce floors that have a really inimitable antique effect and that are very customizable.

Dryland, the italian handmade cotto and terracotta for valuable houses

To present Dryland Handmade Cotto we have necessarily to talk about the head of everything: the quality of the clay, the same clay that saw the first light of dawn shine on the territory of our Italy. About 10 million years ago, when the sea began to retreat discovering our beautiful Country, it bequeathed a treasure of inestimable value deep into the first land in the hills arose between Tuscany and Umbria: clay deposits of the highest quality!

Thanks to the virtues of this clay and to the passion of a family of craftsmen who has been handing down the secrets of their craft heritage for years, perpetuating also experience, professionalism and tradition enriched by proven technologies, it is now possible to create a really unique and desirable product that is unique in the world …

Photo of a hexagonal terracotta tiled floor | Dryland         Photo of handmade terracotta tiles | Dryland



A really unique product in the world

Why unique in the world? The only possible answer is: quality, a quality coming directly from nature.
Dryland cotto and terracotta in fact comes from selected quarries: the quality of clay, it’s mineral composition and its purity are in fact all elements that affect the final product.
This is the reason why Dryland choose with attention the right quarries.

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